Have you ever heard of Jane Austen? Or shall i say have’nt you ever heard of The great writer Jane Austen? Sure you did!

Upon her reading to “Emma”,she’s realized a great attachement of her own feelings and Emma’s (main character of the story). She started her summer vacation with reading this entertaining tale. She’s the one who loved old things,cultures and morals, and what a smart moral the writer expressed in her story. Actually, it is an enterance to the old english social life and an end at our ethics. Whenever one’s high sense is affected by vanity and unporposed selfishness, automatically, it turns into disasters. But ,whatever the disasters are, when repentance fill pure hearts, god will write the happy endings -by his will.

Emma is a -21 years old- girl who has a high sense, using her sense and for the adventage of her match making between couples sake, she turns her and her friends’ lives into a whole mess. She becomes ill-blinded, but then at the end, everything is solved without her interference again. And best of all, she marries Mr.Knightly with a happy ending.

Good luck, zynb 🙂



whatever your thoughts are, just say them. Don’t be afraid to say what you think is right, don’t be ashamed to say am a black or a believer or any other truth that you think others won’t like. You must not change yourself inorder to be accepted by people, if you stand steadily and say “i am…” Or “i belive in…” people will look at you differently. You change people, don’t let them change you. 

Freedom is’nt when you go out the time you want or when you spend your time out of a prison. 

Some prisoners are more free than you or any other human is. They are in prison because of their fighting for justice, and we are just in home eating and drinking happily with not any problem..

We should wakeup, wakeup, and fight peacefully for our rights.      Zynb 🙂

First revolution against injustice

have you heard of a man called Al-Hussain a.s? I guess not..

If you are a justice lover or a peace lover then you must know who is Al hussain.

He is one of Al mahdi’s (son of a man, for christians) grand fathers. When everybody in this world refused to face injustice, Al Imam Al hussain a.s went with his family in a peaceful revolution when (Yazid Ibn Moawiya) the injustice prince at that time sent his army to kill him. The army stopped Al Hussain and his friend s and families from reaching the river to drink water, knowing that they were in a desert. Infact, they killed his baby with an arrow in his neck when he asked them to water him.Then they cut his and his friends and family heads off, and let their women and children walk from a country to another country on feet. That was more than 1400 years ago, now and after all these years, Al Hussain is still known as the winner of that fight, winner of justice and the prince of believers.. His grandson and Jesus (p.b.u.h) will come after all the years to rescue the world from poverty, murder, and all the sins..

Old in bold

Some people, we don’t realize their existance. They protect our back without us even caring..i could’nt care or get connected -so close- with old people, until my grandma had that horrible sick, yeah it was cancer.. I could’nt realize her innocent smile, her sensitive feelings towards me.. Now that i lost her, i remember everyday to think of her and pray.. But now too, i am more caring to them, those who made us in the power of god, old people are great..
Miss you gramma 😐 



Some people pass through our lives without even remembering their names, while others stay stuck in our heads and hearts for a long time.

Sometimes we do stupid things, unpurposely or purposely, we hurt people we love and respect. We are’nt able to do anything to fix it except of prayer, even the appology is cheep in such moments.. For that, the key of solving anyproblem is just trying to forgive from the deep heart, trying to forget the situation if you belive that the other person did’nt mean to hurt you realy, maybe it was a mistake.. You even don’t know the reasons, maybe it was to protect you as you did all the time.

You may think that you’ve suffered because what someone did to you, but you don’t know how much they suffer through trying to get you back.

To a friend that I truely miss and sorry for,

Zynb ..

A secret!

so there’s that question that we all think of usually, why am I living?

1-is it to be happy? 

1-no, because no one is happy forever, but we can’t reject that happiness is a small goal in life.

2-is it to love people?

2-we must love people but it is’nt the reason of our lives.

3-is it to become famous or loved by every human being?

3-it is not why we are created from the first minute, are we created to be famous? Or to gather money? Or to fight? Or to become presidents? Or to live happy? Orelse???

but what comes after being famous? Are we going to suicide or become addicted or suffer from psychological problems? What after gathering money? Will it stay our only thing to get in life? 

So why are we living? Yes, science is a matter of life that we care to develop.. It rules our lives and helps us live a little bit safe, but why not 100% safer?

If a human being can’t be perfect then who is the perfect one?

Our creator, whoever we believe he is, is the perfection.. You may say that I am stupid and that we are are in 2015 ,but I believe that I am taking the right road in life.. We are living on this earth to get rid of our bad spirits, those which made us unperfect, we find our happiness whenever we start to attach more and more with our creator..we stop fighting each other.. 

Do you have another answer? If you do, just share it..

Whenever you are sufferring , just pray.. (my advice for everyday) 

Thanks to our creator 

Zaynab 🙂


“They write to balance, but i write to live”.
Lot of people write to balance their inner feelings or thoughts!!
When having extra love or anger they hold their pens and empty them on papers.. This is balance.
They write a letter to someone they love or hate without or with sending it!!
This is balance.

But i write to live, this does’nt mean that i can’t live without writing.. I can live, but hardly. I write to understand the life, to connect with god and to get rid of my past !!
This is my own way in healing !!

Zynb 🙂